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خرید از فروشگاه لاناریا


Products of tonic hair

Everything at first is a fantasy then formed in the mind. A thought that drives your way out. These paths are highways, and one by one creates points of convergence of thought, philosophy. For the posterity, everything first appeared in the mind of Dr. Norouzian. When Dr. Hamed Norouzian, after years of laboratory research, testing and reviewing results, exchanging experiences and counseling for a person in his pharmacy, was thinking of a solution that could be used to improve larynx from this highway. Products designed with the goal of the treatment, care and beauty of hair with herbal origins and effective compounds of chemical agents are formulated. Dr. Norouzian has treated hundreds of clients for the formulation of each product of Lanaria. And with the positive results of this research, the formula of each product was established in this direction. Products that were treated more effectively than before, felt better and confident.

About Us

Our mission

Lanaria's mission is to address all hair care issues. Creating solutions for the treatment and beauty of the hair of the entire family of brand consumers. For better and better viewing in the mirror, when we want to hand in our heads.

Our vision

The organizational structure of Lanaria Brandy is always ahead of its defined strategy, learning style, evolutionary, collaborative, and reliable reference, which has gained the status of the largest producer of specialized hair care products in the country, known in the region. .

Our organizational structure

The organizational structure and human resources of Lanaria brand have been founded for ourselves, colleagues, representatives and customers with emphasis on specialization, core development and brand values.

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